Where Are The Maldives

maldives map

A lot of people ask where are the Maldives, and as you can see from the map this is a very small country and as such get overlooked in most geography lessons.

The Maldive islands are located on the equator 700km South West of Sri Lanka, If you look on Google Earth some of the Maldive Islands although not all can be seen in good detail, you can clearly see the airport at Male and the Maldivian Air Taxi area. Some of the Islands that I have stayed on can also be seen in some detail, such as Biyadhoo which can be found at 3'55'18.01N77'27'23.22E. And Meedhupparu at 5'27'21.45N 72'58'48.87E.Check out the great beach and photographs of this island and you will see why I have been there three times.

The sand on the beaches of the Maldives are pure white crushed coral, its paradise.

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