weather in the maldives

The weather in the maldives can be divided into two distinct periods, characterized by two monsoons.

The south-west monsoon, from May to November, with approximately 200mm of rain per month, during this period the sea can be heavy and winds can be strong.

The north-east monsoon, from December to April will have very little rain, lower humidity, and calmer sea conditions, this is peek season in the maldives and is the best time to see this beautiful place, unless you are into surfing, which starts in May.

The temperature is constant all year round 29-32 for day time and 25-26 during the night.

The hottest month is April and the coldest is December, the driest month is February. May is the wettest closely followed by July.

The Maldives climate is tropical and as such the weather conditions can be quite erratic with tropical storms and blazing sunshine at any time of the year.

As the maldives are on the equator there are 12 hours of day-light and 12 hours of night, most resorts set their clocks 1 hour ahead of Male so that it usually starts to get dark around 7pm.

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