Types Of Tropical Fish found in the Maldives

reef fish

The types of tropical fish found in the Maldives are so numerous a sight like this is always possible on any house reef, from the most beautiful such as the lion fish, can be found on almost every reef in the Maldives.


To the downright ugly like the poor old moray, also in abundance in this area, they are all here waiting to be discovered.

moray eel

Whether you are snorkeling, diving, or just looking over the side of the jetty you can almost always see something that you haven't seen before, it is quite normal to watch baby black tip sharks from the beach, but to see them grown up its best to go diving, and dont worry they are quite harmless.

black tip reef sharks

The clown fish is very common here, as are piccaso trigger fish, titan trigger fish, parrot fish, oriental sweetlips, and all kinds of surgeon fish, tuna, different species of rays but you will have to look a little harder to find one of these.

leopard shark

The leopard shark, a close relative of the whale shark which can also be found here.

Almost every species of tropical fish can be found in the Maldives and are on the house reef of each resort in their hundreds, I have seen a shoal of trigger fish that must have numbered over a thousand.

Everything from Manta Rays, Hammer-Head Sharks, Whale Sharks, Parrot Fish, Surgeon Fish, Puffer and Box Fish, Sea Snakes, Octopus, Lobster, Pipe Fish the list is endless, you need to see it to believe it.

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