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There are around forty famous scuba diving locations in the Maldives, but literally hundreds dotted around the different resorts that in my opinion could pass as being just as good.

soft corals

Every resort island has a dive school and all the staff, from instructors to the boat crew are all professional and very friendly, diving in Maldives is very safe and there are no dives deeper than thirty metres as this is against Maldivian law. So far I've jumped off of a dive boat sixty times in this wonderful place and have dived some of the most famous scuba diving locations listed later on this page, sometimes with my son and daughter other times with complete strangers, who incidentally become instant friends.

moray eel

The water temperature is normally 28 to 29 degrees I've known it to be as warm as 30 degrees around Easter time, most scuba diving locations around each resort will be reached within thirty minutes to an hour on a Dhoni which is a traditional Maldivian boat and are fully equipped for diving.
The amount of wild life under the water is amazing, so many different species of tropical fish, big, small and in-between, colourful corals of all descriptions, you can almost always see something new.

Click the link to see a short film of a morning dive I took part in on the North Male Atoll Jan 08. Five of us were dropped on a beautiful coral garden with all the varieties of reef fish you can imagine, it was a great dive and we were coming to the end of our dive time when this happened. Believe it or not that film was taken on an ordinary digital under water camera on video mode and was taken by my new friend Mark Collins, who with his wife Jo were having a one week diving holiday on Hudhuranfushi resort. Well done Mark.

As you can see you never know what you are going to bump into. These mantas should not have really been on this side of the atoll at this time of year, which brings me to point out the different seasons for mantas and whale sharks.

Manta Ray

If you want to see something big like mantas or whale sharks it's best to make sure that you are in the right place at the right time, to stack the odds in you favour visit Best Scuba Diving

For information on other scuba diving destinations check out my partner web sites below

Welcome to Diving Bonaire where the waters are squeaky clean, the reefs have been well preserved to near pristine condition and the entire island is decorated with a tapestry of breathtaking coral.

Destination Scuba this is great web site with all scuba information including scuba diving locations such as South Africa and more on my favourite place, the Maldives.

40 famous scuba diving locations

I have listed below the famous dive sites and the atolls where they are located, however you would need to check if they are within reach of your resort, or check out Maldives Dive Travel for the very best in liveaboard diving and the boat crew can find the best dive sites for the time of year that you visit.

Lhaviyani atoll ie Kuredu island. 1. Kuredu Express. 2. Fushifaru Kandu. 3. Felivaru.

North Male atoll ie Hudhuranfushi, Meeru, Paradise Island etc. 4. Helengeli Thila. 5. Stairs. 6. HP Reef. 7. Nassimo Thila. 8. Banana Reef. 9. Maldive Victory. 10. Hans Hass Place. 11. Lions Head. 12. Gira Kuda Haa. 13. Okobe Thila. 14. Rasfari Kandu. 15. Makunudu Kandu. 16. Relitto Seagull.

South Male atoll ie Biyadoo, Fun Island, Club Rannalhi etc. 17. Embudhoo Kandu. 18. Guraidhoo Kandu. 19. Vaagali Faru.

Felidhoo atoll ie Dhiggiri, Alimatha etc. 20. Miyaru Kandu. 21. Foththeyo. 22. Rakeedhoo Kandu. 23. Vattaru Kandu.

Meemu atoll ie Medhufushi. 24. Mulaku Kandu. 25. Hakura Thila.

Dhaalu atoll ie Vilu Reef, Angsana Velavaru etc. 26. Fushi Kandu.

Faafu atoll ie Filitheyo. 27. Filitheyo Kandu.

Ari atoll including Rasdhoo atoll ie Sun Island, Vilamendhoo, Club Bathala, Hilton Maldives, Lily Beach etc. 28. Kuda Rah Thila. 29. Madivaru. 30. Fish Head. 31. Orimas Thila. 32. Kari Beyru Thila. 33. Maaya Thila. 34. Halaveli Wreck. 35. Ukulas Thila. 36. Maalhos Thila. 37. Madivaru Kandu. 38. Dhigali Haa. 39. Nelivaru Thila. 40. Meedhoo Beyra Miyaru. PHEW !

As you can see the North Male and Ari atolls have the lions share of top dive sites, but like I mentioned before wherever you are in the Maldives the diving is sensational.

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As Liveaboard Dive Boats become more popular with the scuba diving community, the Maldives have responded with dive boats that are available to take you to the most diverse dive spots, islands and atolls in the country

Maldives Resorts

The Whale Shark season in the seas around the South Ari Atoll is from December to April. All dive schools in this area will put on trips to see the Whale sharks, Vilamendhoo springs to mind as a dedicated divers resort also Sun Island Resort is in a perfect location as a neighbor of Maamagilli Island, with some of the best scuba diving in the area.

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