Maldives Fishing

Maldives Fishing at sunset

Maldives Fishing consisting of commercial, game fishing for tourists and fishing with a hand line from a dhoni either at sunrise or sunset also for holiday makers, and as this last type is the one that we have done the most of I will cover this first.

Maldives Fishing with a hand line

Maldives Fishing [for tourists]

Sunset fishing trips are run by all the resort islands and are great fun if you like to fish, and can be quite exiting as you never know what you are going to catch, and on some islands you can have the chef cook what you have caught for dinner the same night.

Maldives Fishing

These trips normaly run every evening of the week, so you just put your names on the list when want to go and then meet the boat on the evening of your choice.

Maldives Fishing Dhoni

Once on board the the crew, which are usually local fishermen will set of to find a good spot and supply you with a traditional handline, which is really just a piece of board with fishing line wound around it [I wish they had some stronger line because it always snaps off when you are into something really big but this is for your own safety] with a big hook and a lead weight.
After a short boat trip the crew will bait your hook and then you just drop it over the side and unwind your line untill it hits the bottom.
As the sun starts to go down the fish begin to feed, and all of a sudden you will start to get some bites on your bait which you will feel through the line in your hand, just give it a tug and if you feel a fish on the hook, pull the line in and see what you have caught.

The crew will handle your catch if you dont want to get the hook out yourself and then off you go again, a bit of a competition can take hold as people begin to bring in bigger fish than yours and last time I lost out to a 12 year old girl who caught a huge gruper, she was over the moon and later that night we watched as the waiter at the resturant served up her catch, her mum and dad looked realy proud as they all tucked in.

Game Fishing in the Maldives

Commercial Fishing in the Maldives

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As Liveaboard Dive Boats become more popular with the scuba diving community, the Maldives have responded with dive boats that are available to take you to the most diverse dive spots, islands and atolls in the country

 Liveaboard Dive Boats

The Whale Shark season in the seas around the South Ari Atoll is from December to April. All dive schools in this area will put on trips to see the Whale sharks, Vilamendhoo springs to mind as a dedicated divers resort also Sun Island Resort is in a perfect location as a neighbor of Maamagilli Island, with some of the best scuba diving in the area.

Whale Shark Facts