Maldives Facts

This page "Maldives Facts" will give you a little more insight into The Country of the Maldives, most travellers just think of idyllic resort islands but for the more inquisitive holiday maker who would like to know more, here is some information that may be of interest.

Maldives Language

Dhivehi is the official Maldivian language and has Indian and Arabic influences. English is widely spoken and visitors can communicate easily with the native people on Male and in fishermen's villages while on resort islands it is fairly easy to find staff that can speak German, French, Italian, Japanese as well as English. Here are some local terms used in the Maldives.

Falhu: Lagoon encircled by a reef sometimes with one or more islands inside

Faru: Large reef partially exposed at low tide

Finolhu: Island with few or no coconut trees

Fushi: Big island usually on the outside reefs of the island

Futtaru: Reef where waves break

Giri: Small patch of coral a couple of metres below the surface

Haa: Clearing in lagoon

Kandhu: Sea inside Atoll

Kandu Olhi: Channel

Maa Kandu: Sea outside Atoll

Thila: Coral reef a few metres below the surface

Vilu: Deep area inside lagoon

Maldives Education

98% of the Maldivian population have an average level of education, with high schools teaching all subjects including Dhivehi, Islam, English, Maths, Environmental Studies, Quran, Gym, Writing etc. On Male there are both private and public British schools.

Maldives Currency

Rufiyaa is the Maldivian currency, one Rufiyaa = 100 Lari and bank notes are 5,10,20,50,100 and 500 MRf and coins are 2.00 MRf and 1.00 MRf then 50,20,10,5,2 and 1 Lari. The US Dollar is the main foreign currency and the main currency of the resort islands, which can be paid at the end of your stay by cash, travellers cheque, credit card/bank card etc. During a normal 2 week holiday if you settle your account with a credit/bank card you will only need enough US Dollars in cash for tipping your baggage handlers, room boy, waiter and anyone else that deserves one, $100-$200 is more than enough to keep every body happy.



Maldives Religion


Juridical system


January 1st New Years Day

July 27th Extra Day Of Independence

November 3rd Victory Day

On this day in 1988 a terrorist group from Sri Lanka where repelled from overthrowing the Maldivian government.

November 11th Republic Day

On this day in 1968 the Maldives became a Republic for the second time and is celebrated with marches and parades.

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As Liveaboard Dive Boats become more popular with the scuba diving community, the Maldives have responded with dive boats that are available to take you to the most diverse dive spots, islands and atolls in the country

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The Whale Shark season in the seas around the South Ari Atoll is from December to April. All dive schools in this area will put on trips to see the Whale sharks, Vilamendhoo springs to mind as a dedicated divers resort also Sun Island Resort is in a perfect location as a neighbor of Maamagilli Island, with some of the best scuba diving in the area.

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