Kuredu Maldives

I will go back to this island, Kuredu Maldives. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of treating themselves to a great resort. Eight of us including my dear mum and dad stayed here for two weeks back in 2003, and is without doubt a beautiful and well run resort, we booked on-line with Thomson - Faraway Shores as we always find them to be very competetive.

Kuredu Maldives

This photograph is of the side of the island where we stayed, and although the beach is quite narrow here we all thought it was the best spot.

This was also the best place to be to watch the local pod of dolphins pass close to the house reef in the morning and then return just before sun set.

Kuredo Maldives

This island is one of the biggest and has a lovely feel about it, it has a golf course, good food, great beaches, and some of the best diving in the area. Speaking of diving this island is the home of the famous Kuredu Express, and also has a fantastic coral reef and a wreck within a few minutes after jumping off the end of the jetty, and all you need to do is sign in, get your buddy, or in my case my brother, kit up and jump in, any time you like, its brilliant, this reef is full of life but watch out for nesting Titan Trigger fish, they will chase you away !!

Kuredo Maldives

This is one of the beach villas on Kuredu Maldives, there are 90 of these at what I would call the front of the resort where the beach is widest. We had the chance to upgrade to one of these but as I said before we liked the back part of the island the best. This is where the beach bungalows are to be found, 160 in all and although not as posh as the villas they are more than adequate. The beach bungalows have a lovely wooden verandah and a thatch roof and are surrounded by coconut trees.

Kuredo Maldives

These are the water villas 49 in total, we have never stayed in a water villa on any of the resorts we have been to, we prefer to stay on the beach which is lucky for me as the water villas seem quite expensive compared to the beach bungalow option.

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