Maldives Religion

The Maldives religion is Islamic and as such there are some things to consider especially when visiting local inhabited islands and the capitol of Male so you dont offend the Maldivian people.

Nudism is forbidden either on the beach or in the sea, on some islands however topless bathing is allowed, but you must check with resort staff before you strip off in case there are Maldivian people in the area, also when visiting the capitol and other inhabited islands the dress code for men should be shorts and T-shirt and women should be covered from thier shoulders to thier knees with a T-shirt/blouse and shorts or skirt etc.

Although the Maldives isn't the strictest Islamic country in the world it would be considered as just plain good manners to try and stay within these guidlines and not offend your hosts.

Before the Maldives became an Islamic country the national religion was Buddhism and according to legend the country was converted to Islam by a scholar by the name of Abul Barakat Yoosuf Barbary and today his grave is a holy place in the presidential garden in Male.

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