Maldives Airport

Maldives Airport

Maldives Airport is located just 2km from Male' and has been purpose built on Hulhule island. It's a new modern airport, linking the atolls to the rest of the world. In Hulhule there are internal flights to the north and to the south of the archipelago, which transfer tourists to the most distant resorts.

Speed boats or seaplanes transport people to the nearest resorts, there are two Sea plane companies that operate from the Maldives international airport ; Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways.

This place is very crowded especially during the hot evenings, space for citizens is very limited and a new island near Male’, called Hulhumale, has been created thanks to the drainage of the Hulhule airport reef, with a link to Male’ by a small boat every 20 minutes.

Find Flights To The Maldives A walk around the shopping streets, a visit to the fish and fruit market or to relax in one of the small parks allow you to meet the Maldivian people and to see how they live.

If you prefer, you can take a tour of the capital by taxi. There are many taxi centres and fares are fixed by the government.

Male Maldives

The city is divided into 4 districts: Machangolhi (commercial district), Henveiru (administration offices district), Galolhu (residential district) and Maafannu (shipyards and commercial harbour district).

In Machangolhi there is the Singapore Bazaar where you can buy local handicrafts, such as necklaces, t-shirts, bracelets, masks or batik from Sri Lanka. Shops are open until 11pm, but are closed during 15 minute prayers. In this district there are also the fish and fruit markets and the National Museum. Male’ can be seen quite clearly from Maldives Airport and is a city with high buildings and paved roads. While the government offices are located in a specific area, the main streets host shops and offices. In the old bazaar area, dedicated to the wholesale and retail trade.

The streets are very narrow and a vehicle could not pass through, especially when it is crowded.

There are no beaches, seawalls surround Male’, however in a new district an artificial beach with a nice landscape has been created and it is a nice itinerary for a walk or for jogging. Male’ is definitely one of the smallest capitals in the world, as it is built on a 2 sqkm island. One fourth of the country’s population, about 80,000, live in Male’. Different from any other island in the country. If you are travelling to the capitol, you can catch a taxi-dhoni for Male’ leaving every 15 minutes ( every 30 minutes after midnight) from the pier on your right. The trip last 15 minutes and the docking is at the wharf along the main seafront, near the Nasandhura palace Hotel . The cost for each journey is a few USD per person (more after midnight) or can be paid in Maldivian Rufias. The return to Hulhule is from the same point, but the docking is on the left of the Maldives Airport.

Maldives Airport

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