Dhidhoo Finolhu Water Village

Dhidhoo Finolhu Maldives

Water Village

Dhidhoo Finolhu Water Village is on the particularly attractive, 25-acre private island of Dhidhoofinolhu, with a shallow lagoon, vast expanses of beach and a spectacular marine environment.

The island is easily reached by seaplane or luxury motor boat from Malé airport which is some 104km away.

It is the place to go for complete relaxation and a total change of scenery, well away from all the bustle of modern life. Activity centres around the lagoon itself but there is also a host of daytime excursions to other islands and sites, as well as all the Resort facilities.

The nearby dive sites are some of the world’s best and, even for those who have never dived before, the diving centre at Dhidhoofinolhu has superb training facilities.

In its cristal clear waters and coral gardens, manta rays, colourful tropical fish and whale-sharks can be found. Those marine species have found a natural protected area in the Maldives.

Located in the Ari atoll, this resort is the ideal destination for diving enthusiasts.


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