Maldives Resorts

are absolutely stunning

My first visit to the Maldives Resorts, in 2000 was supposed to be a once in a life time treat for my wife and myself on our wedding anniversary. Our son and daughter were old enough to be left at home, so this would be our first holiday by ourselves for eighteen years.

It seemed like a bit of an adventure having never been that far on our own and back then the flight involved a refueling stop, so it ended up as a twelve hour trip.

What we found at the end of that flight was in our opinion one of the most beautiful places in the world and one that keeps drawing us back every year. Maldives Resorts

The Maldives Resorts and The Maldive Islands are an Indian Ocean Paradise, their people, the warm sea, white powder beaches, exotic marine life, lush palm trees and great service all add up to a perfect holiday.

At this moment in time we have visited five different resort islands on eight consecutive trips with various family and friends, my son and daughter have come along for six of those and along with myself have become competent scuba divers.

This web site is about our experiences in the resorts that we have visited above and below the water as well as the differences between them and all other relevant information on this fantastic tropical paradise.

Included on this web site is an A to Z of all Resort islands with pictures, description of each island, contact information and links to the resorts official web pages, along with a Maldive Holidays page for fantastic prices on late deals to various resorts.

Maldive islands A to Z
Maldive islands A to Z general information, geography, weather, history,
Maldive Holidays
Maldive Holidays, Cheap Holidays In The Maldives, this page will show you how to book a 2 week holiday in the Maldives from the UK for under £900
Maldives Hilton Resort
Maldives Hilton Resort one of the few 6* luxury resorts in Maldives
Vilamendhoo resort Maldives
Vilamendhoo resort Maldives, a beautiful 4* resort in the South Ari Atoll and a scuba diving paradise, famous for Manta Ray and Whale Shark spotting.
Meedhupparu my favourite value for money resort
kuredu maldives
Kuredu Maldives a beautiful island paradise
Sun Island Resort
Sun Island Resort is a large five star resort in the South Ari Atoll
Hudhuranfushi surfing and great diving
Royal Island Maldives
Royal Island Maldives is located in the Baa Atoll and is a 30 minute sea plane transfer from Male Royal Island is a 5* resort , the house reef surrounds the whole island
Biyadhoo is a Diving and Snorkeling paradise, we spent two weeks on this lovely little island and have to admit that this resort has a fantastic house reef and the largest ..
Best Maldives Resorts
Best Maldives Resorts, information on the best resorts in the Maldives including one of the most expensive resorts in the world the W Retreat And Spa, and Rania Water Gardens,Soneva Resorts, Hilton,
Liveaboard Dive Boats
Liveaboard Dive Boats in the Maldives will take you to some of the most diverse dive sites, islands and atolls in the country
Scuba Diving Locations
Scuba Diving Locations, diving in maldives 40 famous dive sites
Best Scuba Diving
Best Scuba Diving, Top Tips from local dive guides. Information on Manta Rays and Whale Sharks..
Map of Maldives
Map of Maldives shows atoll positions aerial photographs
Maldives Fishing
Maldives Fishing with a hand line and big game fishing
Types Of Tropical Fish
types of tropical fish found in the Maldives
tropical Christmas
Tropical Christmas,exotic islands,tropical resort,
Surfing the Maldives
Surfing the Maldives The Maldives are attracting surfers from all over the world, read more to find out why
maldives facts
Maldives facts, Maldives currency, useful information, celebration dates, economy, education, currency etc.
Population of Maldives
Population of Maldives The Maldives have been inhabited for more than 3000 years, life expectancy, population numbers etc.
Maldives Religion
Maldives Religion, dress code, nudity, topless sunbathing etc, all covered here.
Maldives Resorts Blog
Maldives Resorts Blog will keep you up to date with any additions and or changes to website, subscibe here.
Last Minute Travel Websites
Last Minute Travel Websites, late deals and bargains from last minute travel websites looking to unload under-booked resorts and holidays e.t.c.
Flights To Maldives
Flights To Maldives, with links to find Flights To Male, Information on Male International Airport which is the main Maldives Airport for tourists travelling from anywhere in the world
Sandals Holidays
Sandals Holidays are the ultimate all inclusive luxury holiday provider to the Caribbean, the only real alternative to the Maldives for that holiday of a lifetime
Maldives Airport
Maldives Airport, information on everything at Male International Airport, Male Airport is located 2km from Male the capitol of the Maldives on the island of Hulhule linking the Atolls the the rest of
Scuba Gear
Scuba Gear and Scuba Equipment links to online shops covering America, UK and Europe for the latest online bargains
how to earn money online
How to earn money online The amazing SBI [site build it] will show you how, the exact opposite of get rich quick SBI is the best online business and financial freedom investment that money can buy,
Books and guides on the Maldives from Amazon
Indian Ocean Map
Indian Ocean Map, The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean covering about 20%..
history of the maldives
History of the Maldives,The History of the Maldives is quite vague prior to its conversion to Islam in the year 1153
Kandholhu Island Resort
Kandholhu Island Resort
Contribute to Maldives Resorts
Would you like to share your knowledge about maldives resorts? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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As Liveaboard Dive Boats become more popular with the scuba diving community, the Maldives have responded with dive boats that are available to take you to the most diverse dive spots, islands and atolls in the country

Maldives Resorts

The Whale Shark season in the seas around the South Ari Atoll is from December to April. All dive schools in this area will put on trips to see the Whale sharks, Vilamendhoo springs to mind as a dedicated divers resort also Sun Island Resort is in a perfect location as a neighbor of Maamagilli Island, with some of the best scuba diving in the area.

Whale Shark Facts

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